Meet Jeanna - 50 Food Truck Dates

Meet Jeanna

15.02% sassy, 46.23% cute, 21% athletic, 6.0091% party animal, 11.741568% career focused, 1.7% book nerd, .032467% shy and .000001% into Star Wars.

Efffff that math.

I will make you laugh. I will try anything once. I will race you to the top. I will procrastinate until the eleventh hour. I will be the only person in the room talking loudly about something inappropriate when the music shuts off. I will make you eggs. I will sing along to every song on Milli Vanilli’s CD. I will invite everyone – the more the merrier. I will travel anywhere. Pick it, let’s go.

I won’t wear Uggs or Crocs. I won’t go to bed early, probably ever. I won’t eat peas. I won’t lie. I won’t sell my rollerblades. I won’t miss anything that has a costume or theme involved.

I can play the piano. I can say I’m sorry. I can camp for days without showering and not care. I can make some mean chili or enchiladas (or chili enchiladas!). I can be really ornery and often opinionated. I can sometimes fall head first into a bottle of wine. I can beat you at Dr. Mario on SNES. I can be a lady in the streets and a freak in the (hi mom!)

I can’t stand country music. I can’t draw anything other than flowers and stick figures. I can’t sit inside on sunny days. I can’t carry a tune to save my life. I can’t wait to meet you.

Much thanks to Nathaniel B. Photography
  • Jenny Wilson

    this is the best bio ever. now if i can just find a lady like this or have someone clone you ;)