OkCupid and Food Trucks Bring Love to VeggieTruckin - 50 Food Truck Dates

OkCupid and Food Trucks Bring Love to Veggie Truckin

This is a series of guest posts I’ll have on my site while I’m in Greece September 13-30th. My 50 Food Truck Dates will commence when I’m back!

When Jeanna asked me to write a guest post for 50 Food Truck dates, I was thrilled to do it! This is mostly because of how excited I was when I first found Jeanna’s blog in the first place. As a food truck enthusiast who blogs about my own food truck experiences at Veggie Truckin’, it comes as no surprise that I would latch on to the food truck part of this experiment. However, I was additionally intrigued by food truck dating as someone who has done my fair share of online dating. In fact, I met my current boyfriend through through online dating and our first date was at a food truck! Here’s my story…

food trucks date love

Lauren and Kyle at a food truck event together

I first started “formally” online dating a little over three years ago. I had been single for a couple years and had few prospects, but I had just been burned pretty badly by one of those prospects, and in a fit of anger and bitterness I signed up for OkCupid. I had heard of friends who used it, and knew that it was free, but I mostly hadn’t signed up before because of the stigma I associated with online dating. I thought I was above it, but in reality I had boyfriends I met through Diaryland.com (ah, high school) and Last.fm. I had never actually had a boyfriend whom I didn’t get to know through chatting online in someway before we dated in person. I was an introvert who didn’t express herself very well in person without getting to know people, and the internet was the perfect bridge for that gap. Turns out, I was already an online dater; I just had to admit it to myself.

At first OkCupid just acted as a distraction. My first dates made me super nervous, and it never really got easier. (Sorry, Jeanna! I hope it does for you.) As I continued scavenging the website, though, I found that while some of the guys I met didn’t result in love connections, I was making new friends through the site. I had only lived in the South Bay for a little less than a year before then and had few friends in the area. I’ve always struggled with making new friends (again, the introvert thing), and I was happy to see my social life blossoming through my dating experiences on OkCupid. Three years later, a majority of my local friends are people I met through OkCupid or met through people I met through OkCupid. This summer Kyle and I even went to the wedding of a friend I met through OkCupid who was marrying a girl he had also met through OkCupid! (I swear this isn’t an ad for OkCupid :) I’m sure other people have similar stories with different online dating sites.)

I first messaged my now boyfriend Kyle in June of last year. Unbeknownst to me, he had just had his heart broken after a three year relationship that ended a week before. This eventually came out when we became friends on Facebook, and I treaded lightly as a result. Our first “date” was at a Moveable Feast in downtown San Jose a couple weeks later. Moveable Feast brings daily street food markets to the South Bay much like Off the Grid for San Francisco. On our date, we ate at Iz It and Mona’s Fruit. The word date is in quotation marks because, like with many first meetings with people from OkCupid, I never could tell if it was a date or not when we didn’t kiss and each paid for ourselves.

I had mentioned to Kyle my love for food trucks in my profile, and Kyle had some interest in food truck as well, even though he had never been to one. Throughout the summer, Kyle and I continued hanging out as friends. We went to comedy shows, concerts, and lots and lots of food truck events together. When it got to the point where we were spending entire days together, I started to suspect there was something more going on. In September, I told him I’d be interested in something more than friendship, and the rest is history. We will celebrate our first anniversary on September 5th! And we have OkCupid and food trucks to thank for our love!

I was on OkCupid for over two years and met 25 guys before I found Kyle, but I never lost faith in the process and didn’t give up. I knew that even if I didn’t find the love of my life through the website, I would continue to meet awesome people, and that could lead to more awesome people who might know the love of my life already. My story is one of perseverance and reward, and I hope for Jeanna’s sake that hers ends up that way too. I will be reading along as she continues on her journey!

Thanks so much for sharing your food truck love story, Laura! Follow along on Laura’s adventures on Veggie Truckin‘ (she’s eaten at more than 150 mobile food vendors!) or follow her on Twitter @veggietruckin 

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20th September 2012
  • http://www.facebook.com/stevencristel.barrett Steve N’ Cristel Barrett

    Laura, your guest posting story is amazing! It had me in tears, so happy for you and Kyle!