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Old World Food Truck & C.R.E.A.M. Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

As previously mentioned in my post about Food Truck Date #5 with my JewBoo, JBBB and I traveled to Off the Grid Berkeley to track down the Jewish San Francisco food truck – Old World Food Truck.

Old World Food Truck serves “Jewish and Eastern European soul food” and is owned by fellow Jew, Kenny Hockert, “Owner/Chef/Mensch.” Hockert boasts a culinary background that originates in New York City and has taken him to Alaska as an Executive Chef and to San Francisco, as a chef for caterers, pop-up shops and now his own Jewish soul food truck.

For Old World Food Truck “Jewish soul food” equals pierogies (a dumpling, usually filled with potatoes, meat or sauerkraut that I’m a HUGE fan of), bortsch (a Ukranian soup made from beats), rueben sandwiches (corned beef baby), schnitzel (breaded cutlet of boneless meat such as chicken), and other dishes often found on Jewish and Eastern European tables.

Hockert was slinging schnitzel behind the windows when we stepped up and JBBB asked them if we could step inside his truck to take some pics. I was flattered that Hockert knew about my 50 Dates project because I had been Tweeting at them that I was heading there for a date, and he was paying attention! He even stopped from rushing around to cook for the dinner crowd to take a pic with me…

old world food truck sf

I had heard that Old World Food Truck’s Chicken Schnitzelwich was not to be missed, so JBBB and I ordered one to split, along with an order of goat cheese and potato pierogis. When we picked our food up, Hockert had thrown in free macarons and strudel desserts for JBBB and I. I was so incredibly touched that he went the extra mile to make my date special – what a guy!

JBBB and I agreed that the pierogis weren’t our fav – we needed them with more spice or flavor – but we were both HUGE fans of the Chicken Schniztelwich. The rumors are correct – head to this truck next time you see it and quickly order yourself a Schniztelwich, lovers! Schnitzel is sort of a weird concept that reminds me of the Salisbury steak in school lunches, but this sandwich goes beyond just the normal breaded slab of boneless meat the lunch lady served up.

For me, the flavor clincher of the Schniztelwich was not the apple cabbage slaw or horseradish aoli that it’s served with, but the caraway honey! You can really taste the sweetness from the honey, and along with the crunch of the roll and the savory, juicy chicken, makes a really well-rounded sandwich with interesting flavor profiles. You can also order the Schniztelwich with a smear of liver pate (which we skipped this go-round).

old world food truck sf 2

old world food truck 4

The Schnitzelwich from Old World Food Truck, combined with the world-class treatment of free dessert and a food truck tour from Hockert, makes Old World Food Truck my highest rated truck yet – my first five-star rating! Thank you so much Kenny for making our Jewish Food Truck Date extra special!

Overall Rating:

Aaaannnd normally I’m too stuffed after this whole Food Truck Date pigging out thing, but Berkeley has a famous homemade ice cream cookie shop that I’ve been dying to try called C.R.E.A.M. (Cookies Rule Everything Around Me), so I just had to throw it in.

JBBB and I headed to the cookie haven after our dinner at Old World, and even though the line was around the block, we passed the time quickly by playing truth or dare. Our dedication paid off and soon we were the proud owners of two C.R.E.A.M. ice cream cookie sandwiches (actually three, one of which we gave to the homeless man whom I made my best friends with while we waited in line).

Hot damn – these little confections are ahhhhhmazing. C.R.E.A.M. features a list of about 10 homemade cookie flavors that you can pair up with about 15 different types of ice cream – for only $2!! I was also S.T.O.K.E.D. to see they offered lactose free ice cream! I ordered a soy cherry chocolate chip ice cream between two warm double chocolate chip cookies, and my mind was blown. Literally blown, lovers.

Five pounds later – and this date’s culinary orgasm is a wrap!

CREAM cookie sandwiches berkeley
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5th November 2012