A Three-Day Tour of Portland Breakfast Food Carts

egg carton portland

When planning my 50 Dates trip to the City of Roses, I was incredibly excited about all the Portland breakfast food carts in the city. Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day, and we’re lacking breakfast food trucks in San Francisco. (BOOOO Purdue!) As previously mentioned in one of my Food Truck Bucket List posts, I also have had a semi obsession with the Fried Egg I’m in ... read more

11th June 2013

Food Truck Boy #15: Lyft Boo

lyft food truck date

Name: Sean aka Lyft Boo In His Words: Buckeye borne, bred, and educated, I escaped to a year of community service in Israel before calling the Bay Area home in the first of two stints. As an aspiring fundraising professional, I moved to Boston for a dual masters degree program and then on to Florida. Always plagued by the travel bug but inspired by Golden Gate dreams, I returned to ... read more

8th June 2013

Food Truck Date #14: The Date I Didn’t Know I Was On (or Why You Shouldn’t Flirt With Food Trucks on Twitter)

muni bus ad

Did I tell you about the time I tried to flirt with a food truck on Twitter, and it ended in me being on a Food Truck Date I didn’t know I was on?! I recognize that sentence is totally weird. But then again, technically this whole project could be considered weird. Which makes me weird, so let’s just roll with it. It all began thanks to a Tweet I ... read more

30th May 2013

Get Your Greek Fix On at Gyro on Wheels in SF

gyros from Gyro on Wheels food truck

Gyro on Wheels in SF was the food truck the Hot Greek Grandfather and I chose for Food Truck Date #12 – he’s Greek, so of course we had to eat at a Greek food truck (I like to pair alllll my boys with the food truck that represents their heritage or favorite food). It brings all their milkshakes to my yard. Since I just got back from a little ... read more

28th May 2013

Portland Food Cart Stories with PortlandFoodCartAdventures.com


“Food cart owners represent the best of the American Dream – bootstrapping their way to a better life,” said Steven Shomler, self-proclaimed food cart fan. Steven becomes a little emotional as he tells me the story of Nong – of the infamous Nong’s Khao Mon Gai food cart – and her dream to see her sauce in stores someday, which came true for her last fall. “The idea of people ... read more

25th May 2013

Food Truck Date #13: Interesting.

off the grid OMCA oakland

I grabbed the strap above me on BART as the train shook and rumbled its way under the water from San Francisco to the East Bay. The after-work crowd swayed around me, holding their bikes, backpacks and Timbuk2 bags while bracing for every turn, their eyes closed and their body heat contributing to the smells of public transportation on a warm Bay Area day. The Most Interesting Man on the ... read more

23rd May 2013

Food Truck Bucket List: Fried Egg I’m In Love

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 4.13.31 PM

In honor of being one week away from my trip to Portland for Food Truck Dates and reviewing the food truck cart (what it’s known as in PDX) scene, this week I’m highlighting a food truck that has been on my bucket list for some time – Fried Egg I’m in Love. Said truck is on my food truck dream list for three reasons: 1) I love the punny Cure ... read more

17th May 2013

Let’s get real, for a minute mmkay

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Here we are again, lovers. I’m about to get back to writing about the misadventures, make outs and meals of 50 Food Truck Dates. First, I wanted to share a few things with you about what’s been happening, and also ask for your ideas … Where I’ve Been I unintentionally took a mini dating break for most of March and April. Sometimes I’ll be doing this during my project, but I promise I’ll always ... read more

6th May 2013

Last Round of Dating March Madness Voting! (Day Late & a Dollar Short)


Crapola! March Madness ended. We’re a bit behind in Dating March Madness, but we’re almost there! I know some of you have been following along, and are dying to see how this shakes out. One last round of voting! Get after it, lovers… What is most important to you in your DREAM BOAT LOVE LIFE?! ROUND SIX: FINAL MATCHUP Annnnnd the results of Round Five:

16th April 2013