FINAL FOUR!! We’re Almost To The End of the Dating March Madness Bracket!


Phew … this is a lot of voting and a lot of work! Who knew. Those boys doing these basketball brackets are cray. Boys are cray! (Haha). I’m dying to see the final MOST important characteristic in our Dream Boat Love Life from this Dating March Madness bracket! Almost there … Final Four! Let’s vote from now through Tuesday on the Final Four, which then will bring us the final ... read more

8th April 2013

Dating March Madness Tournament Bracket: Don’t Hate the FINAL EIGHT

dating march madness

Okay, we’ve finally reached the FINAL EIGHT in the Dating March Madness Tournament Bracket to find what’s most important in our Dream Boat Love Life! I know this month has been allllll about Dating March Madness, but it’s almost over, and then it’ll be back to regular scheduled programming with my Food Truck Dates! I hope you’ve been having a little fun following along and voting. I’ve loved seeing the ... read more

3rd April 2013

Dating March Madness Tournament Bracket: Let’s Vote on The Final 16!


Okay lovers, we’ve made it to the Sweet 16 of our Dating March Madness tournament bracket to find what’s most important in our DREAM BOAT LOVE LIFE! Here’s the final 16 matchups after round one and round two (some are so interesting! Did you know the majority of us would forgo a baby to be financially wealthy, and forgo getting married for the chance to travel the world?!)   Let’s ... read more

27th March 2013

TONIGHT: Google Hangout with Dating Coaches Daniel Packard & Lindsay Chrisler


Okay girls! Dating March Madness is off to a great start – we’ve completed Round One in the tournament bracket to a Dream Boat Love Life and Round Two matchups are up to vote on. Tonight at 8pm PST is the first of three Google Hangouts I’ll be hosting with professional dating coaches Daniel Packard and Lindsay Chrisler. Here is what you can expect tonight in the short 30-45 minute ... read more

25th March 2013

Round Two: Dating March Madness Tournament Bracket [+ Round One Results]

dating march madness thumbnail

Okay – Round One in the Dating March Madness tournament bracket is done! Thanks to all who got your votes in on what’s most important in your DREAM BOAT LOVE LIFE in Region One (Da Emotional) and Region Two (Da Physical) matchups. Here’s the final results (click for larger view): That brings us to… Round Two! The next three days we’ll vote on Region Three (Da Day-to-Day) and Region Four ... read more

25th March 2013

Dating March Madness Tournament Bracket: Let’s Vote!


Okay ladies! Let’s get ready to rummmblllleee!! March Madness tournaments have been on all day. I sat next to a bearded hottie on the plane this afternoon and all he could do is chew his fingers off (seriously, the entire flight) and text his friends about the Gonzaga game and how nervous he was. He didn’t even look at me or make a peep, and I was totally trying to ... read more

22nd March 2013

Dating March Madness: Let the Games Begin (& Win a Month of Dating Coaching)!


Okay girls, March Madness starts this week, and even though we have breasts and brains and everything to make guys love us, chances are all of their attention for the next three weeks is lost to the large golden globe of the basketball courts. So, I’ve decided to create a little tournament bracket and challenge for us gals for Dating March Madness where we’ll be doing some fun things to ... read more

20th March 2013

So, My Dating Coach Tells Me I’m Waiting for the Equivalent of the Halley’s Comet of Love

halley's comet of love 2

I’ve been in love – well, the only thing I know to be real love – once in my life. And it happened 12 years ago. This love made me feel like the luckiest person alive, the craziest, the most loved and at times, the most alone. It left me starry eyed and all consumed while lying on blankets in the woods, dancing to rock ‘n roll love songs, and ... read more

19th March 2013

Food Truck Bucket List: Bacon Jam Fries from The Peached Tortilla


This week’s Food Truck Bucket List (Friday!) is sponsored by my excitement in buying tickets to Austin for Food Truck Dates and alllllll the food trucks I can possibly eat at in four days! I’ll be heading to Austin June 4-8th, and I’m ooohhhhh so excited to spend four days focused on Austin’s famous food truck scene. You can tell when I’m excited because I start to drawl out vowels ... read more

8th March 2013