Food Truck Boy #13: The Most Interesting Man on the Planet

food truck boy 13

Name: Michael aka The Most Interesting Man on the Planet In His Words: A friend of mine once took a roadtrip across the US and said that Utah was one of the most beautiful states he had ever seen. So one summer I moved there from New York and worked on hiking trails for a few months. One time a girl whom I was trying to impress said that I ... read more

6th March 2013

El Tonayense Food Truck is for the Cheap Taco Lovers in SF

el tonayense taco truck sf

El Tonayense food truck via @jdgut on Instagram Tacos tacos tacos! Come get your tacos, lovers. Who doesn’t love a good taco?! Well, do be honest, I’m more of a burrito girl (GIRTH, I need some GIRTH), but I feel like half the world could exist solely on tacos, if given the opportunity. The taco scene in San Francisco is almost talked about more than Karl the Fog - from Tacolicious and Nick’s Crispy ... read more

5th March 2013

Food Truck Date #12: Timing is a GD Bitch (Or the Man Who Made Me Dislike Mustaches)


“I’m the guy with the mustache, standing at the bar alone,” he texted. “Way to spring the last minute mustache on me,” I responded, on my way in a Lyft to meet Food Truck Boy #12, the Hot Greek Grandfather, for our Food Truck Date. I was merely being facetious about the mustache springing, of course. Sure, I didn’t have any idea until then that’d he’d have a mustache (based on his ... read more

26th February 2013

So Far Koja Kitchen Has My Vote for Best Food Truck in San Francisco


I first tried Koja Kitchen‘s “Korean-Japanese reinvented” on Food Truck Date #10 and then again at TruckStop SF while on lunch at work, and now it’s my favorite food truck in San Francisco to track down. Koja Kitchen serves these beyond fantastic Korean barbecue “burgers.” Not only is the bbq meat tender and super tasty, but then they throw sesame vinaigrette lettuce and a pineapple ring on top (my favorite combo ever is ... read more

11th February 2013

Food Truck Boy #12: The (Hot) Greek Grandfather

food truck boy 12

Okay lovers – I’m back at soliciting men to Food Truck Date me. Wahoooo! Up and coming… Food Truck Boy #12! (How am I only on 12?!) Name: Dimitri aka papou, which apparently all his friends call him. I googled it, and it means Greek grandfather?! So I’m deeming him The (Hot) Greek Grandfather cause while I’ll go allll the way down to Puma Bait and 23, I’m not about ... read more

8th February 2013

Valentine’s Day – Meh. Instead, Let’s Make it National Food Truck Date Day!


February 14th – that sounds familiar. What day is that again? Oh yeah – Valentine’s Day. The day that seems to be hated more and more each passing year, and by everyone, according to SF Weekly. Here’s what I hate – Valentine’s Day leaves couples and singles feeling broke, bored and bummed. There’s a lot of bemoaning about needing to “prove” your love one contrite day a year, and a ... read more

6th February 2013

Food Truck Date #11: The 10 Stages of A Blind Date [Part 2]

10 stages of a blind date - clound 9

Here we go … the it-took-longer-than-intended PART TWO to Food Truck Date #11′s 10 stages of a blind date. If you need to reread the first five stages because you forgot what I even wrote because I made you wait too terribly long for the second half, I understand. Give it a reread, then sit back, grab some Goldfish and a beer because below is stage 6 – 10 of ... read more

29th January 2013

Food Truck Bucket List: Ajumama Food Truck

ajumama food truck

It’s Friday, Friday, Friday, and that means it’s time for Food Truck Bucket List Friday! This weekend is my birthday, so I’m heading south for a mini road trip with my five best San Francisco girl friends to stay a night in Monterey, California. We’re piling in a suite with a fireplace and feather beds, and going to drink some wine and hotel hot tub it up after our dinner ... read more

11th January 2013

Food Truck Date #11: The 10 Stages of A Blind Date [Part 1]

El Tonayense food truck

I’m presenting the story of Food Truck Date #11 to you in the 10 Stages of a Blind Date. One that might go really well, then even better, then kinda okay, then shaky, then fabulous again, then… (You gotta read to find out): Stage One of a Blind Date: This is the stage before you even meet your blind date, and you just don’t give a fuuuuu, so you might ... read more

8th January 2013