Food Truck-oween with FunCheap SF


Last night FunCheapSF hosted a rockin’ Halloween party at SoMa StrEatFood Park in partnership with Lyft (my favorite mode of transportation to my dates) and Trumer Pils beer. Even though it was a little rainy in San Francisco, it was the perfect outdoor venue for a Halloween party – lots of space, tons of 20- and 30-somethings, good grub, pumpkin sangria, $2 beers, skeeball, adult trick o’ treatin, and a ... read more

2nd November 2012

Food Truck Date #5: JewBoo, My JewFro & Me

jBBB in old world food truck

Lovers – do you know that there are two different types of Jews (snow Jews and pretty Jews), Jews are taught to procreate with other Jews at Jewish Summer Camp when they’re young, dreidel is a gambling game, Sarah Silverman is the hot Jewish poster child, Jews will try to talk down the price of wine at a mini mart, and Jewish girls are “TURBO sluts!!!”? (Jewish Big Balls Batman, ... read more

31st October 2012

Food Truck Boy #8: He Will Tie Me Up And Buy Me Things

grayzilla - 50 food truck dates

Okay, so I’m convinced I’m the only girl ALIVE who hasn’t read the 50 Shades of Grey series … hilarious since I’m probably the most crass, innuendo-ridden lady (that’s right, LADY) I know. So while messaging my date tonight, I was all, “Oh how cute, his name is Grey.” Not “His name is Grey and he will tie me up and buy me things” like one of my best girl ... read more

25th October 2012

Del Popolo Pizza Food Truck & Off the Grid’s Picnic at Presidio

Neapolitan-style pizzas del popolo

For the month of October only, Off the Grid has launched a “Picnic at Presidio” food truck event on Sundays at the Presidio Main Post Lawn. In addition to a few food trucks, there’s more than 20 food vendors from San Francisco’s culinary best such Stag Dining Group, Nopalito and Humphrey Slocombe, lawn games for rent such as boccee and ladder golf, and Bloody Mary’s and mimosas to order. Since ... read more

25th October 2012

Food Truck Date #4: The Epic Greek Rendezvous

photo 1

The story of my Greek Food Truck Date is a European story of whirlwind romance, if you will… (read: this one is for the ladiezzz) Imagine a warm and windy night in Mykonos – the Greek party island located just south of Athens in the Cyclades Islands. It’s hot enough to wear a sundress, with a slight breeze that picks up the edges of your skirt and lays them down ... read more

20th October 2012

Food Truck Boy #5: Jewish Big Balls Batman [with a Back Story & a Theme Song]


Name: Benjamin aka Benji aka Jewish Big Balls Batman aka JBBB A Back Story: Picture this … Last spring, I was invited to a “Librarians vs. Barbarians” dinner party at a friend’s house. Do you dress up as a librarian? Or a barbarian? I chose barbarian since it fits my sassy, rebel attitude a bit more. I’m there with my little sister and best friend and it’s a room FULL ... read more

17th October 2012

Fins on the Hoof Food Truck

50 Food Truck Dates - 31

Ahh Fins on the Hoof food truck – home to the girthy fries. If you remember, Fins of the Hoof was the truck I visited on Food Truck Date #3 with The Philosopher. He listed his favorite food as burgers, and so we sought out this “surf and turf” truck at Off the Grid Proxy in Hayes Valley. I was intrigued by Fins on the Hoof’s name and cute tagline (“where the sea ... read more

2nd October 2012

Guest Food Truck Date #1: Meat is Always a Good Choice


This is a series of guest posts I’ll have on my site while I’m in Greece September 13-30th. My 50 Food Truck Dates will commence when I’m back! Until then, enjoy the fruits of Katie‘s Bearded Clam Dipper labor…  “My parent’s friends are an untapped dating resource.” Said no one, ever. So when my mother told me her friend Debbie had someone she wanted to, “hook me up with,” for, ... read more

27th September 2012

Guest Food Truck Boy #1: Bearded Clam Dipper


This Food Truck Boy is bequethed to one of my best friends, Katie, who will be sharing her Food Truck Date with everyone while I’m in Greece. Want to go on a Food Truck Date and guest post sometime over the next year? I’d love it! Email me at Name: Mark aka Bearded Clam Dipper Mark’s Life Story in Five Sentences or Less: Grew up in the Seattle area. ... read more

25th September 2012