OkCupid and Food Trucks Bring Love to Veggie Truckin

food truck date love

This is a series of guest posts I’ll have on my site while I’m in Greece September 13-30th. My 50 Food Truck Dates will commence when I’m back! When Jeanna asked me to write a guest post for 50 Food Truck dates, I was thrilled to do it! This is mostly because of how excited I was when I first found Jeanna’s blog in the first place. As a food ... read more

20th September 2012

Off to Greece Until October 1st – Guest Posting Commencing

Lovers! I’ll be off the grid in Greece from now until October 1st, so Food Truck Dates will commence with a FURY when I’m back full time. In the meantime, I’ve lined up some guest posting, so this is what you can look forward to while I’m gone: A guest Food Truck Date post from a girl friend of mine in Seattle A guest post from a truckie gal in ... read more

13th September 2012

Food Truck Date #3: Kink is a 4-Letter Word on a 1st Date and Girth is 5. Or Visa Versa.

food truck date

Me: “These fries are awesome – just the right amount of girth!” The Philosopher: … … … I’m just going to let you sit on that one, awkwardly, for awhile. Yep. I said GIRTH on a first date. When referring to fries. Annnnnd, that’s the moment I learned I might be the world’s worst first dater ever, since I blurt out 95% of what’s on my mind without passing it ... read more

5th September 2012

Food Truck Boy #3: The Philosopher

food truck boy

“Hey girl, picture me lying in bed, all romantically philosophizing life.” Name: Matt aka The Philosopher Matt’s Life Story in Five Sentences or Less: Raised conservative. Left the woods to explore the world. Worked in nuclear operations, and ended up in San Francisco studying philosophy. A Few Deets: Matt is an extrovert, but would rather stay in than go out, and his favorite band is Led Zeppelin. (RAMBLIN ONNNN). I chose Matt for a food ... read more

30th August 2012

Smokin’ Warehouse Food Truck

smoking warehouse bbq sf

On my somewhat lackluster date with The Smile that Wooed TSA, I mentioned that we settled on the Smokin’ Warehouse food truck that was parked for dinner service that night at SoMa Streat Food Park in San Francisco. Smokin’ Warehouse started in a commercial warehouse in Bayview that slow-smokes and slow-cooks barbecue meats in their “secret oven.” They now also operate a food truck and are most known for their ... read more

24th August 2012

Food Truck Date #2: Keep on Truckin’

photo 1

For Food Truck Date #2 with the Smile that Wooed TSA, we set it up using a new dating site that launched in the Bay Area called How About We. People post date ideas such as, “How about we… go on a food truck date?” and interested parties respond. It’s a fun way to just cut to the chase on meeting someone for a date that appeals to both your ... read more

24th August 2012

SF Street Food Fest Opening Night Market


Last Friday, I had the immense pleasure of attending the opening party for San Francisco Street Food Fest – Night Market with more than 25 street food vendors, adult beverages and live music. It was one of the BEST parties I’ve been to, and I was stoked to support La Cocina’s cause to provide assistance to low-income and immigrant entrepreneurs who are trying to start a food business. La Cocina ... read more

21st August 2012

Food Truck Boy #2: The Smile That Wooed TSA

Food Truck Date #2

Name: Ian aka The Smile That Wooed TSA Ian’s Life Story in Five Sentences or Less: Born in Washington D.C., raised in Miami, lived throughout Europe and Asia in my yesteryears and now happily reside in SF – food truck capital of the world? A Few Deets: Ian’s favorite food is Bucatini carbonara (humina humina whaaa?), he’d prefer Little Spoon over Big Spoon (whatever you say, Ian!) and would really ... read more

17th August 2012

Let’s Eat Grill Stop Food Truck

let's eat grill stop food truck sf

On Date #1 with Reincarnated Fish, we visited SoMa Streat Food Park to find the perfect food truck for our date. It was my first time hitting up the fairly new food truck pod in San Francisco, which boasts flat screens for watching games, alcohol, and a rotating variety of food trucks on a weekly basis. It’s a pretty sweet spot! Totally odd location, since it’s in a bit of ... read more

17th August 2012