Food Truck Date #1: Broken Fish-Taco-Baby Dreams

photo 1

When setting up Food Truck Date #1, I was really feeling the pressure for it to be purrrfect. After all, it was my first, and I wanted to set the tone for this project of mine. It’s my Type A personality – perfection, perfection, perfection. I lined a nice little date up with Reincarnated Fish – a taco date! Ain’t no date like a taco date. We were going to ... read more

15th August 2012

Food Truck Boy #1: The Reincarnated Fish


Name: Edward aka The Reincarnated Fish Edward’s Life Story in 5 Sentences or Less: I was born and raised in New York. I love the beach, swimming, boats, skiing – hell let’s just throw in a good steam sauna, and then I can say that basically I love water in any of its forms. I’m probably a reincarnated fish. I am an entrepreneur and just moved to SF from the ... read more

10th August 2012

Food Truck Date #1 is Almost Live…

I’m feverishly working to schedule my first batch of dates. Send ‘em over, Rover! (And by “em” I mean muscles and braun. Anyone can apply via that handy little Date Jeanna link up above, or email me the goods). Right now my goal is to have my first Food Truck Date next week, and the post up the week after! Rock and rollll. In the meantime, family, friends, followers and creepos – ... read more

3rd August 2012

Call Me Maybe

photo (1)

Picture me handing these babies out all over San Francisco… Cuties on the 1BX, the salad tosser I’m in love at Mixt Greens… The possibilities are endless! (The back says, “Hi, let’s go on a food truck date!”)

2nd August 2012

Food Trucks as Employee Perks?

startups use food trucks for employee perks

This week, Bloomberg Business Week and the Upstart Business Journal wrote about Bay Area startups that are offering food trucks as an employee perk. Photo Credit: Rocket Fuel’s Facebook Page - throw ‘em a like! Apparently, it’s a “defense” tactic to offer a perk to keep employees around that are poached by the big guns at nearby Facebook and Google and is being called “lunch slash recess.” Pretty cool employee perk ... read more

1st August 2012

Best San Francisco Food Trucks?

namu kimchee fried rice street food cart

One of the things I’m looking forward to most about this project ahead of me is the FOOD, obvs. There are approximately 150 food trucks or street food carts in the Bay Area, and I’ve only hit about five San Francisco food trucks. That leaves a whole lot of exciting, unturned food gems ahead of me. My goal with this site is to not only talk about the good and ... read more

1st August 2012


(Frequently Asked Food Truck Date Questions) I’ll be updating these over the year as these come up, but here are some answers to the questions I get every time I tell someone about 50 Food Truck Dates: What happens when you meet someone date 10 or before 50 Dates is over? If I meet someone early, I met them through a 50 Food Truck Date, riiighhht?! So I’m counting on ... read more

1st August 2012