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The Best Damn Burrito You’ll Ever Have is at Senor Sisig Food Truck

senor sisig food truck

There are a few “cool kids” food trucks in San Francisco that always have a snaking, long ass line around the block at Off the Grid Fort Mason on Friday nights, making it impossible to wait in if you’re starving (which 8 times out of 10, I always am). The Senor Sisig food truck is one of them, so I was stoked that Grayzilla and I happened upon Senor Sisig during our Food Truck Date at Off the Grid Upper Haight – without a long line!

Senor Sisig is one of the many Filipino food trucks in the Bay Area – two others namely Hapa SF and The Naked Chorizo. It was started two years ago by two brothers who consider their cuisine a fusion of Filipino Sisig with the flavors of Mexican American. Sisig is a traditional Filipino method of preparing meat where the meat is diced and sautéed with onions, soy sauce, vinegar, lemon juice andBy the jalapeños.

Grayzilla and I decided to split the California Sisig Burrito which was filled with sisig pork, fries, shredded cheese, sour cream, guacamole, salsa. And of course we wanted to “Silog It!”, which is Senor Sisig’s way of adding a fried egg to the burrito. If you have a chance to add a fried egg – you just do it. Fried eggs are the golden medal of life.

By the way, Grayzilla and I had a heated discussion over “Cali Burritos” having fries. I’ve seen the Cali Burrito name go hand-in-hand with fries stuffed inside at a number of burrito joints. I attribute it to San Diego since I’ve always had breakfast burritos there with fries in it every time I visit. Grayzilla had never heard of such a thing, and he grew up in SoCal, so claims to know-all about Cali Burritos not necessarily having fries. What’s the good word there, lovers?!

No matter, the burrito was pure heaven. Salty, spicy pork and french fries with the drizzle of creamy egg throughout the traditional Mexican burrito ingredients. French fries are a special little treat in a burrito! For me, it all elevated the traditional burrito to a level that will be hard to beat. Grayzilla and I could not stop talking about the burrito for nearly our entire date – and I’m still kicking myself for splitting it with him! Senor Sisig’s California Burrito is not to be missed – or split.

You can catch Senor Sisig on Twitter or Facebook too.

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21st November 2012
  • Megan Peterman

    Sorry Grayzilla. The lady is right. At least in San Diego, a California burrito ALWAYS has french fries inside.

    • the50dates

      Haha – BOOM @facebook-798684205:disqus! You told him. Thanks for getting my back – I KNEW I wasn’t crazy! xo

  • Mel

    I thought that only Pittsburghers only stuffed/topped everything with french fries?!

    • the50dates

      Nope! I think the Canadians do it too … with gravy on top. :) What do you guys stuff in Pittsburgh? I need to visit!

      • Mel

        Well… french fries (imagine my surprise when I ordered a SALAD, and it was covered in fries — it’s called “Pittsburgh Style”) and we sure do love Pieorgies around here. :)

      • Mel

        And yes, you should visit. :)

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