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Food Trucks as Employee Perks?

This week, Bloomberg Business Week and the Upstart Business Journal wrote about Bay Area startups that are offering food trucks as an employee perk.

startups use food trucks for employee perks

Photo Credit: Rocket Fuel’s Facebook Page - throw ‘em a like!

Apparently, it’s a “defense” tactic to offer a perk to keep employees around that are poached by the big guns at nearby Facebook and Google and is being called “lunch slash recess.”

Pretty cool employee perk if you asked me. But you know what’s even better??

Offering your employees free FOOD TRUCK DATES with Jeanna! Duh. Bring on the geeks!

Pssst. Rocket Fuel employees – I’d love to meet you during Food Truck Friday for a Food Truck Date!  That’s like peanut butta and jelly.

Would free food truck food entice you to work at a company?

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1st August 2012
  • tammy

    actually, my work place — Palantir Technologies in Palo Alto has a summer series of Food Truck Wednesdays! Best of all, it’s free, fun and delicious food for all employees! :)